Concerned about the coronavirus? Find the latest information here.
Concerned about the coronavirus? Find the latest information here.

For additional information about the Benefits Card click here for Medicare or click here for Individual and Family members

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July 2020

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Coronarvirus Relief Plan for ACA On/Off-Exchange Members 
Medicare Advantage D-SNP training
Population Health Services for Members

Coronavirus Relief Plan for ACA On/Off-Exchange Members

Network Health continues to innovate and bring new mid-year benefits to our members throughout Wisconsin. EBC is sending Benefits Cards to our ACA On/Off-Exchange members beginning the last week of July. The value of the card for an individual is $200 and for a family is $400 (one card will be mailed per household) to use on health care expenses including copayments, over-the-counter items and prescription drugs. New members for August-November will also receive the Benefits Card.

You’ll find a list of eligible over-the-counter products on our website here:

The coronavirus commercial page has been updated with information on the Benefits Card and the $0 virtualdoctor visits:

Medicare Advantage D-SNP training

As part of our continued relationship to ensure the best service to our dual-eligible special needs plan (D-SNP) members, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires us to provide Medicare Advantage D-SNP training to our providers. CMS also requests that we maintain documentation showing which providers completed the training. If you are a Network Health Medicare provider, you may see members enrolled in our D-SNP plan, so this training applies.

Please complete the training we’ve posted on our website. Once you’ve viewed the training, please submit verification by completing the attestation. We can accept an attestation from a panel of providers or it can be completed by each individual provider. These documents are available online and can found here:

Please fax or email the completed attestation to Network Health.

Population Health Services for Members

Network Health plan members have access to a variety of programs to help them stay well and manage health conditions. These programs are available at no additional cost to members.

  • Wellness
    Network Health’s member wellness programs, including a prediabetes program,offer one-on-one health coaching, group support and individual learningresources to help members achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Condition Management
    Condition management is available to members living with asthma, chronicobstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes, heart disease, stroke or heart failure. Our registered nurses engage members in one-on-one health coaching abouttheir ongoing care, provides educational resources and helps build connections to community programs.
  • Care Management
    Care management is available for members with more complex medical or behavioral health needs and conditions such as cancer, end stage renal disease, organ transplant, and traumatic injuries. Whether they are dealing with a short-term illness or a more complex condition, personalized care managers assist members with developing goals, coordinating community resources, navigating the health care system, medication review, and addressing barriers to getting the care they need.

To learn more about each program please log onto our provider webpage at

If you are caring for Network Health member who may benefit from one of our programs you can refer them to us

  • By phone at Network Health at 1-800-236-0208 (TTY 1-800-947-3529) Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Online at the Network Health provider resource page, click request help with a Health Condition –

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